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Only we who have been denouncing importation of accident cars with proof. We disclosed facts that can not be challenged. 

We denounced SBT Ltd, Japan for shipment of many accident cars to many showrooms and individual importers. In fact forged auction sheets of accident cars have been submitted at Ministry of Commerce for approval of import permit.

SBT did not and will not sue us because we are revealing the truth.

We also denounced import of used car declared as new.

MAHACAR, ECODEAL, CARCLUB, FAYAZ AUTO, AUTO SPOT and others have imported & sold accident cars by either using forged auction sheets or the car had SEVERE accident history; and have cheated innocent buyers.
They have been mudslinging SALIM AUTO because they can not compete both price & after sales service of SALIM AUTO. We offered Rs 5,000,000 to these mudslingers to prove any accident car we imported based on auction sheet. They couldn't prove because we didn't import any accident car.

Fayaz Auto sold tampered mileage BMW worth Rs 800,000 for Rs 1,400,000 to Mr Boccus & SEVERELY accident car, chassis no NZE161-7112273.

Also, after we denounced Sayuri International for accident cars shipped to ECODEAL; Sayuri checked our cars and confirmed that we didn't import any accident car.

Ginza Motors also sold accident cars by using forged auction sheets.
Ginza Motors is a sister company of ABC that sells UNSAFE cars like Nissan GO & Nissan NP300 Hardbody.


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